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» (Regd. under W.B. Act XXVI of 1961 / Registration No. S/1L/31580 of 2005-2006)

» Registered Office :
344/6/3, L.N. Road, Dum Dum Cantonment, kolkata-700065

» Priorities to create awareness among poor & illiterate women & children, about health, hygine and legal security like child marriage, dowry etc.


Theatrical Curriculum

Many cultural minded people approach our group with interest in theatre, to know more about theatre and learn through practice. So, it is our responsibility to guide them properly and efficiently. For this reason, we have developed a curriculum and work structure after rigorous analysis and testing, which we use to teach stage acting and other essential roles of theatre.
The description follows:

At the very first stage we are going through an introductory process. We try to know about their level of interest and dedication on theatre. We try to gather some information from him/her about theatre, how much he/she can deliver. But, absolutely this is not an audition process in any way. This is just an introduction period. The student can also question as about our group, about our teaching process, about our experience. This process takes less than one week.

Next, we move on to our first ability test. From this process we try to judge him, rather know him/ her ability. This process helps us for our future plan on teaching him/ her. Can he/ she sing? Can he/ she dance? Can he/ she recite properly? Is his/ her body is flexible? Etc. We take all the details notes of his/ her every particular. This process takes near about 3-4 weeks.

Next, we move on to our next ability test. In this process we pull our focus on acting department. We try to know his/ her acting skills. We try to understand his/ her positive and negative sites. This process takes near about 2 weeks.

According to us this is the primary and basic stage of theatre. So we give our primary focus on this. Particularly for this process we higher some renowned theatre workers. They teach the students with proper schedule and syllabus. We prepare our syllabus after a rigorous analysis and testing including “Bharat Natya Sashtrya”, “Foreign Theatre”, “Types of theatre” etc. Sometimes we suggest and sometimes we give them some books on theatre written by Badal Sarker, Utpal Dutta, Etc. renowned theatre personalities. This process is quite lengthy, and it takes near about six to eight months.

After this theoretical period we move on to Vocal training. This stage is quite important stage. By this step we give our students vocal training classes including recitation. In this stage we mainly focus on voice modulation. This process takes near about six months.

We believe physical work is the base of theatre acting. So, before going to the theatre acting period we move onto some physical works through dance & choreography. This process takes two to three months.

This is the main teaching period. We teach them about different form of acting, different methods of acting, different expressions of acting etc. Due to a very long schedule and tasks this process takes more than one year.

After a long process of theatre acting we move on to stage. We teach them about the different types of stages, division of stage and how to use the stage. This process takes near about one month.

Next we move on to the light chapter. We teach them about the different types of lights, names of the lights, capacity of the lights, power connection, and patch up, dimmer control as well as light design. This process takes more than six months.

After light we give them ideas about the background music’s used in theatre. We teach them the controlling of music during any play. It takes near about two months.

After this we teach them design, like dress, stage etc. We complete our design period near about three months.

Make up is very essential criteria mainly in proscenium theatre. This is a slow process and takes near about three to four months.

After completion these 12 steps, if we get satisfied, then we include him/ her in our productions.

In our opinion, theatre is a form of art essential for the percolation and preservation of culture in a society. It's potential to entertain audience as well as to connect them with their society, history; heritage and cultural aspects are irreplaceable due to its audio-visual form which has the highest level of psychological penetration. Its localised form in the aspects of content and presentation makes it the most relatable media to every audience, strengthening their realisations.


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